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The LocoFoco Netcast ( is a new approach to old subject matters, focusing on liberty.

Timothy Wirkman Virkkala is the podcast’s primary host, and he is assembling his friends and, er, fellow travelers, to rethink the broad social world, politics, culture, and philosophy to test libertarian mettle.

You are invited to join the conversation.

So, who is this Virkkala fellow? Well, he helped start Liberty magazine out of Port Townsend, Washington, in 1987 — and was a big part of it till he left in 1999. Virkkala’s aim, as always, is to promote liberty in the tradition of Herbert Spencer, Gustave de Molinari, Vilfredo Pareto, Ludwig von Mises, and, yes, the LocoFocos!

The LocoFocos were the first and most successful libertarian movement in . . . the world. In New England, in the 1830s, 40s and 50s. Their successes (though obviously not complete, or long-lasting) and their intellectual rigor shows that a kind of common sense populism can combine with philosophical sophistication.

And a sense of fun.

Virkkala is often joined by his friends James Littleton Gill and Lee C. Waaks to bat around ideas, and interview challenging proponents of good ideas. Other friends who have participated include Emile Phaneuf, Stephan Kinsella, and Anthony Comegna.

Virkkala blogs at, and the team interacts on social media at

Locals is a new hub for interaction between “creators of content” and consumers of said “content.” We will learn how properly to leverage this new resource. Considering how terrible the major social media companies are, how rigidly ideological and controlling, and how mercurial, too, Virkkala and his friends wish this new venue the best. And encourage others to join in and give advice on how to make this a better . . . virtual . . . locale.

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